Travel Shopping Tips -The Experts Weigh In

Shopping on a trip isn’t exactly an afternoon trip to the mall. (Especially if you’re abroad.) 
There are lots of considerations to be made: How will I get it home? Is haggling acceptable here? Will I find the same thing for a cheaper price in two days? Will my credit card work? If it’s early in the trip, do I want to lug this giant djembe all over Africa? Can I ship it home now? 

Our Top 12(ish) Travel Movies of All Time

When I grew up in Central Arkansas, we enjoyed the Sunday afternoon movie each weekend.  Sunday afternoons were a time to explore new places, learn history, meet new characters….and fall in love again with ones we know.  Movies hold a special place in our hearts—they inspire, entertain and can even change our perspective.  Many times, I get travel requests based on a popular movie or television show—because my clients want to experience what they’ve seen on the screen—and at TTA, we are all about experience. 

We took a poll of our advisors’ favorite travel movies.  This was one of my favorite polls as it started some great conversation and I found some new movies I just have to see.  Here are the results to the question, What is your favorite travel movie? in order of popularity:


2017 Best of the Best is Here!

Published once a year, this comprehensive catalog lists more than 1,100 Virtuoso preferred hotels and resorts and destinations that Virtuoso advisors have chosen specifically for unique settings, extraordinary service, and top-drawer amenities. 

Flying the Friendly Skies: Thanksgiving Edition

It’s the biggest travel weekend of the year. Lines of weary travelers snake around the security barriers, toes tapping as yet another traveler readjusts their overweight suitcase at check in….scores of television cameras documenting the scene with ten-second interviews and those of us at home happily watching….thankful we are not in the fray. What happens when your travel plans collide with Thanksgiving weekend??? It’s simple….you plan.