The Ever-Shrinking Carry-On Luggage Allowance

You know the drill… are at the airport anxiously awaiting your boarding zone to be called.  You pace… get almost in line to be the first in your zone….you are like a race horse waiting for the gate to open to run the Kentucky Derby.  Why?  It’s not about getting into your assigned seat, it’s about overhead baggage space.  We shove, we reorganize, we smush items in a teeny space with people pawing at the ground behind us so they can get their turn. 

Sometimes we look at the carry-on bag in front of us knowing there is no way that bag is going to fit in the minuscule space left. We push the limits….we wait for the gate agent to be a bit distracted an roll our bag as far out of sight as possible.  We will do anything to get out of the airport faster upon our arrival….and avoid that checked baggage fee…. Well, the good ole days are coming to an end.  We knew it was coming….it’s been on the horizon for a while.  The allowable carry-on sizes are shrinking and the airlines are paying rapt attention to their travelers to ease the carryon congestion.  It was bound to happen.