Bypass the lines at the Louvre.
Step past the velvet ropes at the Sistine Chapel.
Embark on an opulent cruise excursion along Alaska’s coast.
Zip-line through the forests of Costa Rica.
Glide around the Caribbean on a private sailboat.
Adventures You Never Dreamed Possible.

No matter where you want to go, our travel experts will get you there.

Our Team

For more than 35 years, The Travel Agent has assembled the finest Personal Travel Advisors from across the country. With decades of experience and global networking capabilities, we will perfectly orchestrate your custom vacation, business trip, destination wedding, family reunion, or any other adventure you can imagine.

Each of our Advisors has a special perspective on travel, borne of his or her own personal experiences.  As avid travelers themselves, our Personal Travel Advisors are constantly searching for fascinating, exhilarating experiences to share with you. Meet Our Advisors

Attention to Detail

Your Personal Travel Advisor will develop a clear, easy to follow itinerary. Taking every detail into consideration; times and reservations, tours, dining, entertainment, and much more.

From allowing sufficient time between flight connections and arranging transfers, to making sure the hotel has a welcome gift waiting, we painstakingly review every aspect of your trip before you ever depart. It’s our job to think of all the details you’d never imagine, allowing you to skip the worry and simply enjoy your trip.


Travel unites. And the travel business is all about relationships.
First is our relationship with you.  What are your passions? Your interests? What cuisine do you long to experience? Where have you always wanted to explore the local scene or take an exclusive tour? Are there particular airlines or hotels you prefer? Your Personal Travel Advisor will take the time get to know you; to build a relationship with you and make your trip everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Second, are our relationships with providers all over the planet. We have carefully cultivated relationships with the finest tour operators, on-sites, cruise lines, hotels, airlines, and other travel providers in every corner of the globe. Our global travel network gives us inside information and connections. We work with people and companies with whom we have longstanding relationships so that we can trust you’ll be well taken care of when you’re abroad.

Classic Destinations

Certain destinations have simply become tried-and-true classics. You’ll have access to all the inside secrets, ins and outs, tips and tricks and exclusive behind the scenes access that only a seasoned agent can offer.

From the Louvre, to the Parthenon. From the Great Wall of China to the beaches of Hawaii. All of our advisors have the extensive knowledge and experience to help you enjoy these favorites in a whole new way.


Off the Beaten Path

We take pride in introducing you to places and experiences that most travelers never dream of:  Exclusive boutique hotels, private dining with renowned chefs, private tours, and many, many special places and experiences that simply are not in guide books and tour brochures.

From local favorites and hidden gems to VIP treatment that takes you behind the velvet ropes, you’ll find yourself in incredible places.


Four Decades in the Travel Business



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