As 2020 finally comes to a close, I think we can all agree that this year encouraged everyone to think outside of the box to find a new normal. You probably had to rearrange your house so that you could work from home while the kids were also schooled at home. You probably tried new things, like becoming a better cook since many restaurants were closed. Instead of spending hours in the grocery store, you took advantage of ordering online for either pickup or delivery. 2020 became about learning to make the best of the situation while stuck at home.

Personally, I started having themed weekends based on travel destinations. I called it Away Weekends at Home! Since I was in the midst of canceling client trips and not rebooking, I needed to plan something…because it’s my passion! I started planning ‘adventurous’ weekends. A good weekend had to include inspired food, cocktails, activities, and a movie! My husband and I “went” to France, Italy, Hawaii, glamping, and even relived some of our favorite Disney Parks memories. One weekend was Pan Am inspired, because of a new board game that was released. We started that weekend off with martinis and take-out sliders from Harry & Izzy’s. It was always our tradition to start off a trip at their Indianapolis airport location with that, so we recreated it! We made food that was similar to the airplane, like Parmesan Chicken in an aluminum container (of course mine tasted better). We were trying to make the best of the quarantine situation by including the places we loved the most.


Now that 2021 is upon us, as Jenn Lee (VP of Sales and Marketing at Travel Planners International) says, “Depart from what you know to be true and real.” I find that to be a great motto for this upcoming year! 2021 can still be great. Traveling can still be great. But it will look different from our previous experiences. Go into 2021 with that mindset, especially if you want to travel. For the foreseeable future, you will have to wear a mask on airplanes, and depending on the destination you might be required to wear them in public. Many countries that have opened up require proof of a negative COVID test. Some might start requiring a vaccine before entry into their country.

The positive note is that The Travel Agent has been working with companies local to the destination for years to give our clients personalized private experiences to fit their needs! You don’t have to get on a large tour bus filled with 30+ strangers. You don’t have to follow a flag and have earpieces on while you tour a famous attraction. Instead, you can have a personalized guide for you and your travel companions to get you the attention and safety needed to still see the world! Want a city tour or to get to a remote destination? Then a private driver-guide might be the perfect option for you! These companies are also a great resource for us to hear what the news media might not be sharing.

The Travel Agent has been using 2020’s lack of travel to gain better relationships with vendors, consume informative webinars, create new policies, and prepare for a great 2021. I’m happy I chose to work for The Travel Agent, Inc. over three years ago. I know we have what it takes to be successful for our clients in 2021!

2021 is a blank slate, open to possibilities! Have a Happy New Year!


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