The Travel Agent, Inc., is a company that relies on preferred vendors to establish relationships to better assist our clients. We are your resource in navigating the overwhelming internet when it comes to choosing the right accommodations, cruise, escorted tours, transfers, and activities.

Being an advisor, we try not to bombard you with options. The advantage of our discovery meeting is that we get to know you, so we can give you a slim selection personalized to you. We plan your trip based on your personality while taking in consideration of your budget.

There are some things we might have to ask you to book on your own, like restaurant reservations or single purchase museum tickets. We will however give you the resources and recommendations based on past experiences and our on-sites who are local to the area you are visiting. Take, for example, pre-purchasing museums tickets are a must-do now since they are at limited occupancy. You will also have to take responsibility for learning some of the basics of the area of your visit. You let us know your questions and concerns, then we will point you in the right direction. Such has wanting to get around the Metro (subway) in Paris. A great way to keep your travel expenses down while navigating the city, but if you’re still uncomfortable with the online resources we give you, then we will recommend getting a kickstart tour or private car to ease your worries.

We advise you on what we feel will be in your best interest to create a positive travel experience.

By Amber Schwartzkopf



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