Marvelous Antiquity

EGYPT Travelers have marveled at the antiquities of Egypt for thousands of years. Even the ancient Greeks & Romans were awestruck by these wonders.

Marvel at Egypt’s Wondrous Antiquities


Travelers have come from far and wide to marvel at the antiquities of Egypt for thousands of years. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans came to stand in awe of these wonders. Egypt boasts an abundance of sites to explore. If you’re interested in its ancient history, a trip to Upper Egypt is to view the pharaonic temples and tombs is an absolute must.

The Red Sea is world renowned for its fantastic diving and snorkeling. Some of the best spots to explore these underwater treasures are Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab, El Gouna, Marsa Alam and Hurghada.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may enjoy one of the many safari trips that range into in the White Desert’s otherworldly landscape. Or you may prefer a safari that takes you by the remote, lush oasis of Siwa, where Alexander the Great was proclaimed a god by its oracle.

Cairo is home to many museums, a few ancient pyramids, and a buzzing nightlife. Egypt’s capital also offers both Coptic and Islamic religious and historical sites. Al Azhar Gardens, perched on a hill between Islamic Cairo and the City of the Dead is a great spot to take in a sunset with the skyline silhouetted against the glowing sky.

If you’re a Greco-Roman history enthusiast, a visit to Alexandria is an absolute must. The resurrected library is a marvel as are the ancient structures surrounding it. We recommend a diving excursion if you want to get up close and personal with the submerged, ancient past. As a bonus, some of the oldest and most fascinating monasteries in the world are located on the route to Alexandria.

Alexandria’s resurrected library is architecturally interesting, along with the many colonial and ancient structures surrounding it. Diving excursions there take you face-to-face with its submerged ancient past. It is the city to visit for all Greco-Roman history enthusiasts. Some of the oldest monasteries in the world can be found en route to Alexandria.

One of the most fascinating but overlooked sites in Egypt dates back 23 million years to Wadi el Hitan, or “The Valley of the Whales.” Today this is a UNESCO World Heritage site that grants visitors a chance to walk a 1.9-mile trail around 13 fossil sites that have been organized and laid out for all to enjoy.

Pro Tip:

Double check directions before you set out from your hotel and if you have to ask a local, be warned, it is culturally frowned upon to appear ignorant… so people often lie or improvise rather than simply admitting they don’t know where your destination is.