I’m sitting by the pool my last day at Canyon Ranch Tucson in the midday sun.  Knowing I must return to the cold cold Midwest.

Canyon Ranch is not just another spa resort, it’s a true destination.  A true Experience.  A resort focusing on wellness.  Mind, body and soul.  Peace and quiet abound.  Activities, advice and resources for most any level of health and wellness experience you may desire.  Don’t expect night life, it does not exist here…………except for the spectacular stars shining overhead, truly amazing.

Canyon Ranch is a great destination if you are looking to jump-start the best version of YOU!  Yoga, Pilates, water activities, tennis courts, hiking, biking, and best of all the SPA and Skin treatments. They even offer sessions with doctors for a more personalized plan for you.

I came looking for a relaxing weekend and found serenity.  A place to set new Intentions.  The reminders are everywhere.  The quiet and being one with nature is just what I needed to reset.

My friend was looking for a more rigorous fitness schedule and found that for herself.  Hiking the Sonoran Desert.  Zumba, Surfset fitness, stretch and relax.  All classes she enjoyed a great deal.

Dining is healthful and tasteful.  Cooking demos and classes to help you take home the new practice of eating healthier and more mindful.

This has been one of the best experiences I have had on a vacation.  Too short is my only complaint!  I am heading home with a new sense of peace and a new intention for a path to being the best ME that I can be!


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