Why I love the travel industry


Hard to believe I have been a travel advisor for 4 decades.  I enjoy my job just as much today as in the beginning of my career.  I chose this profession because I love to help people and thrive on fixing problems.  The most amazing part of job is that no two days are alike.  People and situations are ever changing keeping my workdays new and interesting every single day.

Besides the love of the work, I was also able to give my son the opportunity to travel during his childhood.  He has been to 36 states.  I am including a few photos of the hundreds of photos (memories) I have of those trips.

Favorites have been numerous trips to Disney World and our first Disney Cruise.  Seeing Old Faithful erupt and getting up close and personal to Niagara Falls.  He attended an active dinosaur dig in Wyoming and we’ve walked along the Grand Canyon.  Words can’t describe the thrill of our Hot Air Balloon ride at sunrise in Sedona.

Many of our destinations were chosen by my son’s love of aquariums and my love of lighthouses.  The Oregon coast is still a top destination for me to this day, can’t get enough.  But of all the states we visited, Alaska tops the list.  Glaciers, the Bald Eagle preserve, Denali National Park and yes…witnessing the Aurora Borealis.  In my opinion Alaska is a must-see state for every family.

I encourage you to find what your family finds fascinating and seek out the destinations that can feed that curiosity. Everyone has a great time and most important of all, you are creating memories that last a lifetime.


Written by Vali Wolfe

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