This great city is worth the visit, and not just because it is thriving with athletes and spectators from around the world right now.  There is so much history and culture to be explored, from the monarchy to Shakespeare to The Beatles to Harry Potter.

While it is a little late to head to the city for the Olympics, there will still be plenty of opportunities to check out the buildings and structures built specifically for the Games.  There is something amazing about standing where the world’s greatest athletes stood and competed.

Olympic Park is not the only place to find fantastic buildings.  There are many historic and modern buildings that have many stories to be told, not to mention some fantastic architecture.  Visit London Tower and visit the armory and the Crown Jewels and climb to the top of Big Ben for some of the best panoramic views of London around.  St. Paul’s Cathedral also offers great views and is one of London’s most beautiful examples of architecture.  Tour the Tower Bridge Exhibition and the London Bridge Experience to learn about the history of both the bridges and the city.  A tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is a must for both history and theater buffs.

Explore the many palaces and castles of London, including: Kensington Palace, home of the late Princess Diana and the birthplace of Queen Victoria, Hampton Court Palace, home of King Henry VIII and a world-famous maze, and Windsor Castle, just outside of the city and, at over 900 years, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.  Each of these palaces offers its own flavor and history.

If it is more modern culture you are looking for, London has plenty to offer.  Take a walk across the famous Abbey Road cross walk, featured in The Beatles’s 11th album titled the same name.  Harry Potter buffs need look no further than Warner Brother Studios and their newest attraction, The Making of Harry Potter, where you can go behind the scenes of the movies.  Don’t miss one of the many famous shopping districts in London which are so interesting that they are worth the trip, even if you only plan on window shopping.

Whatever you are looking for, London is a great city full of life and culture that can’t be missed.