Canada's Queen City

TORONTO The financial, commercial, and cultural center of Canada perfectly blends urban chic with its multicultural heritage.

Canada’s Queen City

Toronto mixes gorgeous, modern architecture alongside Victorian and Edwardian structures. You’ll find an abundance of museums, a vibrant performing arts scene, fine restaurants, relaxed cafes, chic shopping destinations, a lovely waterfront, hundreds of parks, and,  of course, the famous Canadian friendliness.

Toronto is a truly world class city. It is the financial, commercial, and cultural center of Canada. This cosmopolitan city perfectly blends its urban chic vibe with its multicultural heritage. Roughly 100 ethnic groups, speaking more than 140 languages call Toronto home.

This is a city built for pedestrians, so bring your walking shoes. There’s no better way to take in Toronto’s sights than to wander through its diverse neighborhoods. Make time for a trip to the top of the iconic CN Tower for a bird’s eye view.

As Canada’s largest city, it stands to reason that many of the country’s top museums are located here. In addition to the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, and the Ontario Science Center, among others,  Toronto also boasts several more specialized but equally worthy museums to draw you in. We particularly enjoy the Gardiner Ceramic Museum and, of course, the Hockey Hall of Fame.

We recommend an evening dinner cruise on the magnificent Lake Ontario for fantastic views of the city skyline. The Music Garden on Queen’s Quay and the lakefront park, Ontario Place are also excellent places to enjoy the waterfront.

Pro Tip:

Toronto’s incredibly diverse population makes for excellent and widely varied dining opportunities. Don’t miss out on the city’s wonderful variety of ethnic food!