clientuploads/Ziplocs.jpgHow did we ever get by before the invention of Ziploc Bags? My cabinets are full of them… different sizes….snack, sandwich, quart, gallon and even the jumbo sized bags. They are just so handy!

I am asked from time to time about the one item I always bring on my travels. What is the most useful item in my travel arsenal? I would have to say the good old Ziploc Bag.  Ziplocs provide the organization and protection I need for my travels.  No more digging through my bag for a card or a receipt…no more leaks of shampoo or lotion onto my clothes….no more worries that the limoncello I brought back in my suitcase will leave my clothes smelling lemony fresh…..

I always pack a variety of sizes when I travel. Here are my favorite ten uses for this nifty little item:

1. Putting your flip-flops in a large Ziploc will keep the sand out of your suitcase.

2. Use a gallon-sized bag to keep your liquids from overflowing onto your clothes in your checked luggage. 

3. Put wet bathing suits inside a bag to keep your other clothes dry.

4. Use a quart-sized or sandwich-size bag to hold your receipts while you travel.

5. Use a gallon-sized bag to hold maps for easy retrieval.

6. A Ziploc Bag is a place to put small souvenirs like art and postcards to protect them and keep them all together.

7. After I put my wine/liquor/olive oil in bubble wrap for protection, I put them all in a giant Ziploc to protect my clothes from any leaking or broken bottles. Actually, I often double bag them….just in case.

8. Small Ziplocs keep your earbuds, chargers and other small corded items together.

9. They can become a small trash bag in a pinch.

10. Finally, Ziplocs are a great holder of snacks for the plane/train/car.

Next time you travel, be sure to stuff a few inside your suitcase……