To: Julie Tourville
Subject: Report from Russia


Jeanne and I are having a great time visiting Russia. The Viking line arranged several tours in Moscow to show the arts (a very good presentation of folk and classical music), Red Sq. the Kremlin, etc.

An optional tour was the military museum (wreckage of U-2 spy plane) and tour of Moscow by night.

On the river we visited Uglich, Yaroslavl and several other cities. In one, we visited in the home of a local teacher, in another we visited a pre-school prep school, in another we saw how they restore log houses uning early tools. On board we have had classes in the language, history of Russia, and culture. Food is great, service outstanding–and we are looking forward to a Vodka tasting event this eve.

Weather is chilly–sometimes cold–with a good bit of rain. The rain is mostly light so hasn’t interfered with tours. Just cloudy.

Talk with you soon.
Jeanne and Bruce