It may not feel like it, but spring is here! This midwestern winter has taken its toll with gray skies and frigid temperatures, but as the days get longer and the sun peeps out, it’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning.  Many times, our travel accessories hide in the basement and the back of our closets until the moment we need them, but I suggest taking a bit of time to sort, clean and evaluate them.

  1. Check your suitcases.  Like shoes and handbags, suitcases reflect your sense of style.  Would you wear a pair of scuffed, broken, and frayed shoes into a five star hotel?  Air travel is hard on a suitcase and occasionally, we need to update them.  I know it’s hard–it’s an expense and many of us don’t like change…but give them a once-over with a discerning eye to see whether they are worthy of staying in your travel arsenal.  Are there broken zippers?  Do the wheels work properly?  Are they heavy even when empty? Today’s suitacases are extremely light…meaning a new suitcase can allow you that extra bottle wine in your suitcase without worry that it will be overweight.
  • Check the number of suitcases you own. Are there bags you haven’t used in years?  Are you keeping those worn and frayed bags “just in case” you might need them?  Send them to Goodwill–some poor college student will thank you!
  • Look at your toiletries bag.  Does it need cleaning inside?  Give it a good scrubbing and let it air dry!
  • Check your passports. When do they expire? Many countries require passports to be valid six months from your departure date of that country.
  • Go through your electrical converters and adapters. Are they all in one place? Consider putting them in a drawer with all of your travel accessories to minimize stress while packing.
  • Organize your camera bag and your camera and video cards.  Are there photos or videos that need to be downloaded? Nothing is more distressing than a “card is full” message when you encounter that perfect photo op.

Happy spring and happy spring cleaning!