You will never forget that moment when a hawk swoops down from his perch and lands on your gloved hand.  It’s an experience of a lifetime!

Falconry is the art of hunting with a winged companion in a natural habitat.  Experienced falconers use birds such as falcons, eagles, owls, and hawks to catch their prey.  Many times, the birds are used in conjunction with dogs to flush out the quarry.

The sport is steeped in history.  Falconry was a popular sport and status symbol among nobility in medieval Europe, the Middle East, and the Mongolian Empire.

Hawks are used in the Falconry schools because of their consistency and temperament—traits needed to allow a beginner to learn the basic techniques of falconry and experience the thrill of such a large bird soaring through the air to land on their arm.


At the British School of Falconry at Gleneagles, guests may experience a wide variety of falconry lessons—from beginner techniques to more experienced hunting sessions.  In the beginner session, students learn to handle and fly a Harris Hawk and learn how the birds are handled and chosen for each day’s session.


At Ashford Castle’s Ireland’s School of Falconry, guests may schedule a one-hour private walk where they may fly their hawk through the grounds and woodlands of the estate.  The Castle also offers a more intensive ninety-minute falconry experience—giving the guest extended time with their hawk.


Both of us considered our falconry lessons true one-in-a-lifetime experiences.  It’s more than just being upclose and personal with such a large beautiful bird–one you typically see from afar; it’s also the partnership you feel when the majestic hawk looks at you, flies right to you, and stands perched upon your arm waiting for your next command.  It’s simply glorious!