Hi Everyone – I recently had some clients return from this Tauck Safari.  They shared with me that one of their fellow travelers wrote a daily blog about this trip.  The blog was written so his uncle who cannot travel due to a disability could “experience” what they were on a daily basis.  The blog includes some great photos!  Here is a small sample of their travel experience:

The final full day in the Mara came early with a “Jambo” at 4:30 am!! It was time to rise and shine for our Ballon safari across the Mara. It was pitch black with millions of stars above as we bounced through the bush. We divided into two balloons and the team team went to work inflating them. Mom snuggled in with her angel on board (a pin with my Fathers picture) and prayed like no other day!

The burners roared as the balloon readied for flight and smoothly we ascended into the dawn over the Mara…the view was amazing, a whole new perspective on this great land. We saw Giraffes, Elephants, Zebra, Wildebeest, Hyenas and many other animals, they even seemed afraid of our shadow!

We let the wind carry us across the Mara until we spotted the Fairmont Mara team setting up our special breakfast spot in the middle of the bush…how special it would be!! Pilot Jeff brought us to a soft landing maybe 150 yards away from the bubbly that would greet us! The breakfast awesome and we drank enough bubbly to make the ride home fun, even with a flat tire change!

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