Movies hold a special place in our hearts—they inspire, entertain and can even change our perspective.  Many times, we get travel requests based on a popular movie or television show—because our clients want to experience what they’ve seen on the screen—and at TTA, we are all about experience. 

We took a poll of our advisors’ favorite travel movies.  This was one of my favorite polls as it started some great conversation and I found some new movies I just have to see.  Here are the results to the question, What is your favorite travel movie? in order of popularity:

1.     Under the Tuscan Sun (2003).  This movie, inspired by the Frances Mayes book of the same name, has inspired countless cultural pilgrimages to Tuscany.  After a difficult divorce, Frances heads to Italy on a bus tour, buys a home on a whim, and falls in love with the essence of Tuscany.

2.     Out of Africa (1985).  Inspired by a true story, Karen Blixen moves to Africa to start a dairy, ends up with a coffee plantation, finds adventure, love and experiences great loss.  Some of the best cinematic scenery out there! Robert Redford in this movie is one of our office’s favorite leading men.

3.     The Bucket List (2007).  Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, faced with terminal illness, set out on an adventure to live life to the fullest with the remaining time they have.

4.     Lost Horizon (1937).  Frank Capra’s movie based on the book with the same name give a message of hope and redemption in Shangri La.  Travelers are escaping India via plane after war breaks out, but their plane is hijacked and then crashes.  They are rescued and are introduced to the mountain hideaway of Shangri La and experience the peace and purpose travelers that come wiht simplicity of life….however, all may not seem to be as it seems.

5.     Roman Holiday (1953). Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck play the roles of a bored princess and a news reporter who share a day’s adventure in glorious Rome.

6.     Mamma Mia (2008).  This fun musical starring Meryl Streep gets us all tapping our toes and wishing we were on a Greek island with our girlfriends.

7.     It Takes a Thief (1955). Grace Kelly and Cary Grant star in this Alfred Hitchcock movie about a jewel thief who must catch the real thief to prove his innocence.

8.     Shirley Valentine (1989).  A middle aged English housewife, tired of the drudgery of her day-to-day life, seeks a change of pace in Greece and realizes what is important in life.

9.     The Quiet American (2002).  Michael Cane.  An older British doctor and a young US doctor vie for the affection of a Vietamese woman.

10. The Way (2010).  Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez star in an inspiring story of the pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago—and one man’s journey on this pilgrimage to connect with his estranged son who passed away while on the journey.

11. Forget Paris (1995).   Billy Crystal and Debra Winger star in this romantic comedy of a couple who meet in Paris.

12. Only You (1994).  Marisa Tomei is looking for the man a fortune teller told her she would marry.  She embarks on an adventure in Italy with her best friend and meets un unlikely ally in Robert Downey Junior.

Honorable Mentions:

For those who love French movies, Geraldine Hasting recommended these French Classics:  The Fanny Trilogy (1931, 1932, 1936)…and mostly the La Gloire de Mon Père & Le Château de Ma Mère  (Marcel Pagnol books)

Elephant Walk (1954) with Elizabeth Taylor

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) with Audrey Hepburn

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

Letters to Juliet (2010)

The Holiday (2006)

Vacation (1983) with Chevy Chase.  After all, we can all relate to a family vacation that has gone a bit…of the tracks.


Comment below on any of your top travel movies!