Eldoret, a city of about 300,000 people in western Kenya.We love it when clients share their travel stories and photos with us!  Seeing travel dreams become a reality is quite rewarding and inspiring!  A client has a son who is a medical student at IU.  The son, Joshua Ring, needed assistance with a flight to Africa around New Year’s Eve—one of the most challenging times to travel.  Our expert corporate travel advisor, Kay Bennett, was able to assist him in getting to his destination—after all, this trip was quite important!

Joshua was heading to assist AMPATH, the Kenya Project of IU Medical School.  Through AMPATH, medical students from IU and other medical schools provide care to the people of Kenya.  AMPATH provides primary health care services, care and treatment of AIDS/HIV patients, assistance with food, school, clothing and a variety of other needs to create self-sufficiency within the region.

When asked about his experience in Kenya, Joshua replied:

Still working in the men’s wards in the hospital, residents and attendings from Utah and Indiana are starting to fly in, so we are getting more exposure to North Americans on the wards which is helpful. Great experience on the wards, but definitely a test of your knowledge, patience, and endurance in facing all of the sick patients and coming to grips with the limitations of resources. So much disease that is easily preventable.

“Yesterday a group of 7 of us ventured out to an area called Umbrella Falls, about 30 minutes outside of Eldoret. The area  is a place where surrounding inhabitants would wash their clothes in the water above the waterfall where they partially damned the water source to generate electricity for the city.

 Kenya Water

We hiked around the waterfall and down the side of it to get to the cave that is ensconced behind the fall, so you are looking at the waterfall go over you, thus getting its moniker “umbrella” falls. Was a very neat local trip. I believe next weekend we will be venturing farther and going on a nearby safari that is known for its rhinos.”

We are very proud of Joshua and all of our clients and fellow advisors who seek to give back and volunteer to help those less fortunate.

KENYA A Life Changing Experience