Italy Update

Of course, a new Pope (especially a popular one) will definitely increase visitors to Rome and the desire to see him  in person. Folowing is a  brief description of how to attend the Pope’s weekly audience.  

·  The Pope holds a weekly audience in St. Peters Square every Wednesday at 10.30.        Admission is free but tickets must be booked in advance for seats.

·  Clients can send an e mail to:  or  to office@pnac.og requesting tickets or send a fax to the North American College of Cardinals:  to: 39-06-679-1448 or  to the Vatican directly: 39-06-6988 5863. Tickets should be ordered a minimum of  2 weeks  in advance . 

·  If your clients do not have tickets, they will stand  behind the reserved area at the back of St. Peter’s. 

·  The pope also recites his Angelus (Blessings) every Sunday from the famous Papal window at noon. Attendance is  open to everyone—just walk into St. Peters Square.

The Pope will continue these audiences throughout June—no one knows at this time when he will move to Castel Gandolfo, the traditional summer residence of Popes.

*This seems the  opportune time to  remind you of our Early Morning Vatican tour—which allows your clients to enter the Vatican Museum (and the Sistine Chapel) before it opens  to the public. It is truly an unforgettable experience and remains our all time “’best selling tour”. 


 As it is the time of year for Med cruises, we wanted to remind you of our private shore excursions which we have in practically every Italian port, including Sicily. They give your clients a  VIP experience without being on a big bus with dozens of other cruisers. Our cruise excursions   cost less than the cruise ships and is totally a private  tour.  And for Rome  and Venice, we offer  interesting pre-and post itineraries , including tours and  transfers to and from the  airports and  ships. 



We have noticed that this year there is an increasing amount of cruises leaving  from Venice. Why not suggest to your clients to fly in a few days early and enjoy the Veneto—one of Italy’s really “special” areas. Verona, Vicenza, Padua  as well as the Palladian Villas are art treasures that are  often missed by the hurried Italian visitor. We have excellent guides in all these cities, which incidentally can be reached easily by train from Venice or go with our terrific  informed drivers who can bring them to see  the magnificent Palladian villas .