We polled our advisors for tips on what to pack in a carry-on bag. They overwhelmingly repeated a few of the same items, falling into three very important categories when it comes to ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable flight.

Be Comfy

neck pillowStay warm with a wrap, pashmina, sweater, or small blanket from home.

Pack or wear cozy socks in case you want to take your shoes off on a long flight. (especially helpful if you’re one of the many whose feet swell on planes.)

Travel Pillow – There are a HUGE variety of travel pillows available, from your standard “U” shaped pillow to inflatable numbers, to pillows built into a hoodie. Find one that works for you and pack it every time.

Whatever it takes to keep your ears happy, whether it’s ear plugs, gum, jerky, lemon wedges, or twizzlers… don’t forget it, especially if you’re flying with kids.

Eye mask – Many of our advisor swear by a good eye mask if you’re trying to catch some shut-eye on a plane.

Be Prepared

Make sure your carry-on contains a change of clothes, meds, and other essentials to get you through a day or two in case your checked luggage gets delayed.

Snacks – Almonds, water, dried fruit, snack mix, granola bars – Don’t fly hangry! There’s not much in the way of sustenance on many planes these days. Pack your own to be safe!

Lip balm, hand lotion, nail clippers – Hangnails happen everywhere and airplane air is very drying for your skin.

Hand sanitizer – Wipes and Gel – Planes are germy. Period.

Be Entertained

tablet and notebookBook/Kindle/Magazine – Whichever floats your boat. Long plane rides are the perfect place to catch up on your favorite book, novel, or magazine.

Tunes – Pack headphones and load your phone (or other device) with music you can listen to offline. Even if wifi is available on your flight, streaming much of anything is likely to be a struggle.

Tablet or laptop- Either of these packs just about every entertainment option out there. Again, however, just make sure you have whatever you plan to do, watch, listen to, or play loaded onto your machine so it doesn’t require internet to function!

Extra power bank in case your plane isn’t equipped with outlets to keep your devices charged.

Lo-fi options – Let’s face it, we love our devices but sometimes they act up, run out of juice, or just need a rest! Take along some non-electronic entertainment options just in case. Crossword puzzles, coloring books, a deck of cards, books, magazines, a sketchpad, or journal; any of these are good options. Plus it gives your eyes a break and saves your battery for taking pictures when you land!