Italy Update

Italy Update Of course, a new Pope (especially a popular one) will definitely increase visitors to Rome and the desire to see him  in person. Folowing is a  brief description… READ MORE

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain is a city teaming with life and culture and is a can’t-miss on any traveler’s bucket list.


This great city is worth the visit, and not just because it is thriving with athletes and spectators from around the world right now.  There is so much history and… READ MORE

Santorini, Greece

Our answer to your “Where to?” question this week is a beautiful Greek island known for its sunsets, its architecture and, most of all, its stunning caldera.  The beautiful island… READ MORE

Andi’s Irish Adventure

            Andi’s Irish Adventure: Ireland is FABULOUS. You must go. I understand this is a very bold statement, not knowing what your own personal travel preferences are, but… READ MORE