FC Barcelona Futbol Fanatic

Travel is about the experience—about memories shared for a lifetime. It’s less the list of monuments and museums and more about the convergence of passion and travel. Sometimes even I find myself getting so caught up in sights and budget that I forget that it’s the moments that stir my heart that count. I will forever remember the sheer excitement I witnessed in my husband the day Barcelona played. What a glorious day!


Weekend Getaway to Chicago

Sometimes no matter how much we need a vacation, all we have time for is a quick getaway.  Even I can have a finite about of time I can be out of the office, but adventure beckons and I go on the search for a destination within driving distance of my home in Carmel, Indiana.  Chicago is a great town to explore and re-explore.  Although I have been many times (especially when my children were younger), there always seems to be something new to check out—particularly in the food department.

Recently, The Man and I spent the weekend in Chicago with my stepson.  We were looking for activities that were (hopefully) fun for an almost-twenty year-old.  I booked our Virtuoso preferred property, the Park Hyatt Chicago and reached out to the fabulous hotel concierge for assistance.  The concierge helped me create an entire weekend’s itinerary offering suggestions and giving insight as to what is new in the city and the hours of operation of tours and restaurants. 



What Happens in Vegas Does Not Stay In Vegas

You’ve heard the saying, “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas,” but for my Travel Agent, Inc. colleagues and I attending our annual luxury travel conference in the City that Never Sleeps, what happens in Vegas comes home to Carmel in a big way!  Our connections, our knowledge, and our newly-sparked creativity comes home to help you, our client.  We want to share our adventures, not just on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but also one-on-one with you, the discerning traveler.  

Each year, our expert advisors attend Virtuoso’s luxury travel conference, Virtuoso Week, held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  At this conference, our advisors meet with hotel owners and general managers, tour operators, tourism offices, and cruise line executives to discover the newest travel options, the best hotel renovations, travel trends, and to solidify our already strong relationships with the Best of the Best in travel worldwide. 

The Ever-Shrinking Carry-On Luggage Allowance

You know the drill…..you are at the airport anxiously awaiting your boarding zone to be called.  You pace…..you get almost in line to be the first in your zone….you are like a race horse waiting for the gate to open to run the Kentucky Derby.  Why?  It’s not about getting into your assigned seat, it’s about overhead baggage space.  We shove, we reorganize, we smush items in a teeny space with people pawing at the ground behind us so they can get their turn. 

Sometimes we look at the carry-on bag in front of us knowing there is no way that bag is going to fit in the minuscule space left. We push the limits….we wait for the gate agent to be a bit distracted an roll our bag as far out of sight as possible.  We will do anything to get out of the airport faster upon our arrival….and avoid that checked baggage fee…. Well, the good ole days are coming to an end.  We knew it was coming….it’s been on the horizon for a while.  The allowable carry-on sizes are shrinking and the airlines are paying rapt attention to their travelers to ease the carryon congestion.  It was bound to happen. 


Cruising with Virtuoso Voyager Club

We love to tag our clients as VIPs in hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators!  It just feels good to make a birthday or anniversary celebration extra special with an amazing upgrade, a special amenity, and extra care—it makes the memory sweeter! One of the top benefits with our affiliation with Virtuoso is the ability to offer VIP status and perks to our valued clients.  The Virtuoso Voyager Club is one of the best added amenities we offer our travelers!