clientuploads/ChristmasFund1.JPGThe Travel Agent, Inc. is a local Carmel, Indiana business established in 1979.  One of the tenants of our company is our commitment to give back to our local community in real, practical ways.  Our favorite yearly project is the Woodland Christmas Club for Needy Children. 

The Christmas Club first provided for a family in 1986.  A single mother with eight children had no way to provide a Christmas for her children so in one evening at the Woodland bar, club members collected $480.00 and delivered food, a few presents and a tree with decorations the next day.  The next year, they raised even more money and helped many local families.  The Christmas Club has continued to grow and has helped 2,909 families including 7,586 children and a total of over 12,000 people.  They have raised over $2,200,000.00 and very proud to say that 100% of the money goes to the families they assist for the holidays.

clientuploads/ChristmasFundTree.JPGWoodland Country Club, though their Christmas Club, chooses their families each year in consultation with Prevail, a victim’s awareness and support organization based in Noblesville and The Good Samaritan Organization of Hamilton County.  Both of these organizations have a finger on the pulse of the needy families in our community.  

Each year, we work with The Woodland Christmas Club to shop for our chosen family.  We prefer large families so that our entire team can be a part of “blessing” the children and the parents.  Each employee chooses a child to shop for and the fun begins!  The parents provide us with a list of Christmas wishes and clothing sizes.  The excitement builds as the presents come in—we even have a show and tell of the gifts purchased after each shopping trip.  Our office becomes a playground of toys—dinosaurs, Barbies, baby dolls, trucks, games and the cutest outfits one can imagine! The presents are carefully wrapped and decorated with bows and ribbons—all to make a child’s Christmas merry!

clientuploads/Christmas Fund Kids.JPGThis year, our president, Mark Moorhead, delivered presents to a delighted needy family.  The children squealed with excitement at the beautifully wrapped presents as they placed them under their tree.  Woodland Country Club delivered food for their Christmas dinner.  Our partnership with Woodland is truly the highlight of our holiday season and reminds us to spend the holidays in gratitude. 

Happy New Year!